The Team TSI Process

Throughout our years of experience as an industry leader, Team TSI has continued to pioneer, improve and refine services and processes to meet increasing demands and stay on the cutting edge.

We have learned that by leveraging technology, we are able to offer our valued customers the most up to date, accurate information in real time. We also know that by using a proven set of standards with every order, we can promise “World Class” customer attention and service no matter the size of the work order or project.

Here is how the TSI Process works:


• Orders are received in our dispatch department via email and inputted into our system within 2 hours

• Customers are contacted and scheduled within 2 business hours of Team TSI receiving the order, the TSI Tracker is updated and automated email updates are sent to the vendor and customer

• A confirmation email is sent 72 hours prior to the customer appointment to verify the installation address, that the equipment is onsite and the date and time of installation

• The order is sent to the installation technician via email to their Smartphone

• The order is completed and updated via Smartphone/PDA device with TSI Formenator™ with photos, scan, VIN # and other relevant information

• Order updates of the installation details automatically sent to the vendor and customer on PDF overlay by email

• A customer survey is emailed within hours of the service visit to the customer

• Customer survey results and order details are available online to the vendor

This process is used with every order received at Team TSI. With Team TSI nothing "falls through the cracks".

Team TSI can handle projects of any size and scope through our logistical support and project management program. Just give us the details and let us handle it.

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Experience how Team TSI can improve your installations and service processes and create the most valuable experience for you and your customers.


It's all about:

• Customer Retention

• Customer Referrals

• Improved Customer Service

• Reduction of overall costs

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