Installation Department

If an installation company is only as good as its last install then Team TSI is a great company.

Team TSI installation technicians are highly skilled, highly trained and morally upstanding employees that you will be comfortable dealing with from the first meeting. From the moment they arrive in our Team TSI Company Vehicles they will give you the best customer service in the industry.

An integral part of the TSI Process, our technicians go through a rigorous training process and if they do not prove themselves, they do not remain as TSI technicians.

Technicians input all installation data using an Android based tablet device and the TSI Formenator™ Android app. The data is relayed back to our Dispatch Department giving you a real time look into your project as it happens. Not only do they electronically capture all of the vehicle information but every TSI Technician must provide the specific required installation photos that show you that the install was performed to Team TSI high quality standards. Never again wonder about how the install was completed.

If you cannot trust the technicians in the field, how can you trust the company behind them? You can trust a Team TSI technician.

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