Fleet Vehicle Installations

For over a decade, Team TSI has worked to establish itself as the leader in Fleet Vehicle Electronics installations. Our team is consistently ranked in the top 1% for customer service and has the lowest churn rate in the industry.

We have completed installations in over 425,000 vehicles in the last 17 years in every state in the US and beyond. We are the only installation provider in the U.S. that boasts full Nexus compliance so you don’t have to worry come tax time. We can provide installation solutions and training for all Fleet electronics including GPS, navigation, laptops, AVL and communications. We are the experts’ at large scale, multiple aspect installations into busses, trailers, industrial waste vehicles and more. No system is too large or complex for Team TSI.

Why is Team TSI the leader in fleet vehicle installations? Because we have established ourselves as the specialist when it comes to installation excellence and customer service. From our highly trained technicians to our TSI Tracker, Team TSI is the only company that can offer you complete turn-key service.

No other company has a more extensive network of technicians and Partners ready to serve you and your customers at a moment’s notice.

Team TSI is one of the most affordable solutions in the market with our new flex pricing and installs as low as $49.

In addition to this industry leading pricing, only Team TSI can offer you access to our exclusive TSI Tracker For no additional cost. Both you and your end customer can track the progress of the installations from start to finish. This helps us keep you and your customer fully informed of the progress in real-time. Let us do what we do best and we can help you to become leaders in the industry as we have done for many other manufacturers over the years.

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