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Growth of Wi-Fi coverage makes intentional “free” time more important.

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So who can remember a time when we were NOT connected to our electronics all the time. I think all  of us can remember when we did not have the smartphone, the iTouch, the iPad,  and all the other devices that bring communications to your fingertips 24/7 and that is an era most of us would not want to return to anytime soon. You can regularly see articles about new areas soon to have Wi-Fi installed with free access. Planes have it now along with restaurants, plane and train stations, malls, you name it. No area is off limits and a National Wi-Fi network is being discussed as you read this.

I mean who doesn’t love the immediate availability of email, calendar, sports scores, news feeds, stock tickers, apps, contacts, phone calls, I could go on and on here. I have been in many situations where I was asked for a piece of information and I was able to look it up and have the answer within seconds, previously I would  have had to go to the library to find the same information within days. This is the positive. This technology was science fiction before 1960 and today we almost can’t imagine not having it. Our kids won’t remember life without it…which brings me to the negative side.

Arriving with this technology is a new ability to work more and more hours which causes families to be neglected, workers to be abused,  stress and distraction to be a serious concern. I have spoken with a Psychologist who treats people who cannot disconnect and end up burned out and stressed out and don’t know how to stop. We have to become more and more aware of our tendency to reach for that phone or tablet each time it chirps to see what is going on. Maybe change the settings so you don’t here the noises and won’t rush to check it. Leave it in the car or don’t even bring it home if it is not a dire need. Laptops could be turned off but we normally leave the other devices on and that increases the “checkability.”

The world is a constantly changing place and we are always having to be aware of how it affects us and our families. We just need to make sure our priorities stay in the right order.

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