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New Technology keeps on coming and we don’t even realize how far we have come.

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How many of you remember when we only had 3 channels on the TV? How about before we had microwaves? or before we had video games, digital watches and clocks, cell phones, personal computers, calculators…I could go on and on. I remember the first calculator that my Dad bought in the 70′s for over 100.00 from Radio Shack. It only had the one line, the numbers were red, and not a digital display but more like LED lights. At the time we were amazed. Now it would be laughed at.

We have become so accustomed to new and better technology that we don’t even remember when or where we came from. It took years for technology to develop during our grandparents day and now new and better cell phones and the latest crazes come out every day and we are addicted to them. Can you imagine trying to live without your cell phone? No way. The newest iPhone actually talks back to you when you ask it a question. That is amazing to me.

How many of you remember the map? They still have them for those of you that have not invested in a GPS navigator yet. They fold up and unfold for you to be able to find where you are going. There used to be, and still is in some vehicles, an actual place for them in the front of the car. Now most of us would be using Google maps and just print the directions to where you are going but if you are caught somewhere and need directions you can still get one in a pinch. I haven’t bought a map in years. Since I have had navigators on my phone and in my car I never get lost and I love the technology.
GPS is a modern marvel and gives us so many options in life. Conveniences that our parents and grandparents only dreamed about that are now realities. As a boss you can see and monitor your assets whether hardware or software (equipment or people) 24/7 and never be out of the loop. Here at Team TSI we are a huge part of making that a reality for people.

I wonder what will be over the horizon for us and technology. How much longer before Star Trek-esque things begin to happen.

I can’t wait to find out.

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