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GPS Benefits outweigh costs in the long run. Quality Installation is a big part of the answer.

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In this day and age is is the “in” thing to pinch pennies and be very cost conscious. With gas prices rising, and grocery prices increasing every day some if us have no choice but to track every dollar. No to mention the fact that if you are running a small business it is absolutely imperative.
So what can you do to save money? You have to run your vehicles, which includes gas, insurance,and maintenance; you have to open your office which includes utilities, rent, phones, computers, supplies and more. You have to pay your people which includes unemployment insurance, workers comp, 401k matches and on and on. So how are we supposed to get ahead? What can we do to save. One answer is outfitting your fleet with GPS tracking devices.

Now I know, you think that this is a great way to spy on your employees or your horrified at the idea of spying on your employees.  First of all, that would be unethical, but tracking units  do afford you an additional measure of accountability with your people. While you may be uncomfortable with this at first just think to yourself how many times you have wanted to know why you could not get hold of that sales rep in the middle of the day or why they had so many miles on their vehicle but so few contacts. With a GPS tracking device you can see where, and how, they are getting to that appointment. Are they taking the long way around the park, killing time and wasting your gas in the process? That is the benefit of installing GPS tracking devices into all of your company assets…to save time and money.

How do you select the units that you like? The sales department at any quality GPS manufacturer can help you analyze what the needs of your company or family are. If you are not sure where to start, one Google search can point you in the right direction. Now you have the units, how do you get them into your vehicles? Does it really matter who puts them in? Can’t the unit manufacturer handle that for me? Not necessarily. The idea here is to get these units into your vehicles and working so they start to pay dividends right away. The last thing you want is for them to be installed incorrectly and now they are a liability, not an asset.In some cases I have even seen poor installation companies damage vehicles to the point that they had to be off the road for a time and that is really something you don’t want to run into.

Make sure that if the GPS manufacturer does not have a company that they use and trust then you tell them Team TSI is there only company you will use. We have 13 years in the business and many more years than that under the dash of 265,000 vehicles so you know we can be trusted. High quality and “World Class” customer service are the backbone of what we stand for and we stand behind our work 100%.

Don’t let a junk installation ruin a great investment in your vehicles and your business. Go with Team TSI today.

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