May 21, 2013

May 21, 2013- Team TSI, the leader in commercial fleet vehicle installations across the US announces TSI Tracker Vision. This new system is a complement to our existing Tracker system. Tracker Vision takes our site scheduling and management capabilities and adds a new level of support to the project as it relates to vehicle management. When completing large scale projects of 10,000+ vehicles over multiple phases, locations, and months, Team TSI recognized the need for a system that was capable of relating all aspects of vehicle data to site management before, during, and after a projects completion. In comes Tracker Vision, harnessing our powerful, scalable relational database to offer a browser based application for live-time vehicle information reported directly from the field through the Team TSI Formenator Android application. Tracker Vision offers advanced filtering, reporting, graphing and management capabilities in an easy to use, versatile platform. “Tracker Vision has enhanced our operation, streamlined the paperwork, reduced hands on management, and increased data integrity that is typically required of large scale projects while allowing our partners and customers the ability to view real-time data and process data in all sorts of ways. “The feedback from our customers and users has been tremendous”, said Craig Finlay, CEO and founder of Team TSI. 

About Team TSI: 

Team TSI is an installation solutions provider dedicated to the manufacturer, its customers and partners by providing full-service turnkey logistics, project management and ongoing support. Team TSI specializes in the installation of GPS tracking units, telematics, mobile laptops, RFID, fuel management systems, video based fleet safety systems, on-board computers, hands-free car kits, two-way radios, navigation units and other mobile electronics into the largest commercial fleets in the country, along with Wi-Fi and structured cabling systems into Fortune 1000 companies across the US. 

Team TSI has pioneered many new technologies and policies in the GPS tracking industry including TSI Tracker - a proprietary, web based application for ongoing project management and customer support, TSI Tracker Vision- the online vehicle management database, the TSI Formenator- an industry “first and only” Android based application for wireless acquisition of vehicle and job data in addition to The TSI 5 – Tracker accessible photos required on every installation Team TSI performs in order to ensure the same high standard of quality Team TSI demands of all of its technicians and partners. These technologies, when combined with the experience Team TSI has earned through over 320,000 vehicle installations across the US in the last 15 years, guarantees we deliver a world class experience. Team TSI utilizes a combination of in-house technicians and strategic partners to deliver the best installation experience in the industry. 

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