Company Facts

Did you know...

  • Team TSI has the mobile electronics industries first Android based app for vehicle and order updating.

  • Team TSI technicians log over 1,000,000 miles yearly.

  • Team TSI is a drug free workplace.

  • Team TSI completes installations in excess of 2,500 vehicles monthly.

  • Team TSI is located 40 minutes from Walt Disney World and Epcot.

  • Team TSI operates in 42 out of 50 of the largest US markets with hired technicians.

  • Team TSI has completed installations in all 50 states.

  • Team TSI has an extensive knowledge-base of information that is accessible to our field technicians at any time.

  • Based on independent surveys, Team TSI ranks in the top 1% of all installation companies in the US.

  • Team TSI surveys every customer to see how well we are doing and that information is available to all customers and manufacturers.

  • Team TSI supports multiple charitable organizations with 2% of its gross revenues.

  • Team TSI uses almost one-half million nylon ties yearly.

  • Within minutes of your installation, you can view your installation information along with photos on our web based reporting system.

  • Team TSI is concerned with our environment and the impact that we have on it. To cut emissions and conserve, Team TSI has implemented the following:

  • Team TSI recently upgraded its fleet of installation vehicles to Scion XD. By doing this, we have reduced our dependency on overseas oil, reduced our fuel usage and increased our MPG by 50%, thereby saving 180 tons of CO2 emissions yearly.

  • Team TSI has implemented an almost paperless process. Utilizing our web enabled database and wireless PDA’s has allowed us to reduce our paper usage by 80%.


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